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Beamster, God of Fire & Light


Before the Great Schism Beamster was a lawful god whose guiding light helped bring order and harmony to the world. He was renowned for his generous warmth and reliability.

But then, without warning, the Schism tore the world apart. The sun no longer travelled across the sky counting the hours. It's warmth was seemingly sporadic across the realms. Searing heat in one place, icy voids in another. Beamster travelled across the realms, seeking to bring law and order back into the world but found only strife and chaos.

Now, he has turned his back on the principles of law, seeking to avoid the petty ideals and squabbles of the other warring gods and wizards. His mission now to to discover why the Great Schism was allowed to happen and to endeavour to find a way to rewind the clock and return the world to it's former glory.




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