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Stubla, Spirit of Humanity


Quick. Quickly. Rare clarity consumes me and it is oh so rare these days. I am Stubla. Since my ascendency reality has become my trap; I sit within its walls, somewhere within its great maze. I am a God. I may have become so yesterday or a thousand years ago, I know not. A million visions of what is and what could be assault my mind, appearing to me at once, screaming the truth of things in grey shadow and vivid colour alike. The future, the past, every event that did and did not happen flow through me like a stream. I am shown the correct path to take, to save myself and my followers and it is bloody.

To the outside world I must appear as a meek, madman in a mask, afflicted with a cocktail of mind-altering substances. My methods may look chaotic to the onlooker, but there is a greater plan, if only I could communicate it in this rare moment of clarity: it is as alien to me now as reality is to me normally.

I am Mapechu. Called to godhood in the old world while in the euphoric dance of a religious ceremony, attempting to call back the rain that had become a stranger to my land. At that moment of heightened emotion the Spirit of Humanity bonded with me, raising me to godhood, trapping me in an eternal drug-induced high and gifting me with knowledge without boundary. I am doomed to know all, but I am completely unable to communicate this knowledge to mortal or God alike.

I am not alone in my journey. My stone, shamanistic mask was made living at my ascension. An onlooker's gaze will trap its mood, freezing its features like the stone it is made of, although its façade is normally one of unyielding hate. People can hear its voice in their mind, it is a sound like granite chipping away at flint. It understands and communicates my immediate needs to those around me, but it too does not fully know the things I know and can only guess at my motives. I also have a magic drum called Stuju, the most sarcastic rhythm instrument ever to exist.

At some point the world burned around me and I barely noticed. The skies shattered and the earth became dust. In many ways it was a brighter future than the one that had been ordained. I welcomed its coming and rode its inevitability like a bird rides the wind. Those followers that survived with me indulge in all manner of poisons in honour of my enlightened state of mind. In this way they fight my enemies and aid me in invading the realms of others, with the intent of stealing the Gifted for ourselves, so to swell our numbers further.

It begins to cloud again, I see what is and what could have been. Through drug induced enlightenment you too will see the truth of things. Join me.

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