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Denizens of Limbo, hear my words. For too long did I stand by and watch idly as those who claimed to be superior wrestled for power. Those who would claim their knowledge and judgement to be absolute as the bent and twisted the forces of Chaotic and Lawful magic, shaping it to their own will. Their blind and uncontrolled greed tipping the balance that held our world in check. Destroying the careful balance of our home, and causing it to be torn asunder. The Great Schism that ultimately ended the life you knew was the final and most heinous crime.


I say to you, join me! Have you not suffered for long enough? Do you not tire of your fate being in the hands of those who are blinded by their own self obsession for power? It is time to rise. No longer will you be treated as pieces on a board, manipulated and sacrificed for the gain and amusement of others. Those who choose to stand with me do so at my side, and not in my shadow.

Our old world and way of life is behind us, but let us be sure to shape a future that we control. Unite with me, Voltalis, and together we will fight to restore balance. Let us oppose all those who would seek to gain total domination. Once I was content to live amongst you as equals. I shared in your lives, your cultures; observing, learning. Now, I no longer hide in the shadows. I reveal my true form, my true power – as an Old God.


Just as I was once accepted as an equal of man, you shall be accepted as an equal of a God. With my guidance, I would help you accessed. I will repay the kindness and courtesy that was shown to me by man. It is time to step forward and become all that you can. It will not be an easy task. The path ahead of you is fraught with dangers and temptations. With my guiding hand, and with our collective determination, we will have the power to control our own fate, our own future. To rebuild the life we once had.


I say again, join with me, Voltalis. Together we will achieve peace and serenity.

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